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Water Fasting And Cancer

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Water Fasting And Cancer

Water fasting and cancer require professional medical care. If you have cancer and are attempting to do a water fast, you should be under experienced medical care.

The best supervision during a water fast while dealing with cancer is combining science, knowledge, and experience. The first thing we would do is a blood test. We would look at how all of your organs are functioning including your kidney and liver function.

We would do a CBC to evaluate your red and white blood cells, fasting insulin as well as platelets. This gives us a starting point before you begin a water fast.

The science we do is looking at a person’s electrolytes as we progress into the water fast, the sodium and potassium levels. We asses people as they go. Blood pressure and pulse are taken often.

This way we are able to determine how they are doing and if they need more fluids. If they do require more fluids, we give them an IV of normal saline.

We look at people’s tongues and their ketones daily. This allows us to know exactly what is happening with each person and if we need to intervene in any way based on what we are seeing.

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  1. mark brown mark brown October 16, 2018

    glad to see more supervised fasting in the valley.

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