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Petscan stage 3 bone cancer

Educate Others:

Hello there.. I’m back at it. Second time dealing with cancer going on my third treatment trial. I was on chemo during my whole nine month of my pregnancy. The chemo seem to be working but a couple of months after I gave birth the cancer started to grow again. My doctor gave me an oral supplement treatment in pill form. Didn’t work. So he put me on another pill form and it seems to not be working either so I’m going back on chemo infusion treatment 12/6/2018. Giving this to god and keeping hope and faith alive is assuring me that I will push through so this time around I’m going to use this opportunity to broadcast what I go through on a day to day or when something involves treatment or me dealing with the pain the comes with bone cancer. I hope to reach many veiwers so you guys can go on this ride with me to healing and surviving in Jesus name. Amen!💪😇

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