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Message for People Dealing with Cancer…. Listen to me 10 years later!!! (Lupus)

Educate Others:

Be Strong!

You are LOVED! You can count on people that surround you!

You can ask for HELP when you need it.

The HAIR grows back and these are just temporary things that will be fine soon. 🙂

Said by someone (me!) who have had very difficult moments in a hospital before. For those who know me very well know that I have/HAD a chronic immune condition called Lupus.
TODAY, I have been 10 years perfectly fine and the condition has been inactive.

The KEY? P O S I T I V E M I N D all the time!!!

YES, I’m gonna cure myself.
YES, I will be fine!

Focus on that. Repeat it to yourself. Everything’s gonna be alright!

A very BIG HUG!

Francia Fonseca

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