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Mesothelioma Lawyer | Steve McQueen’s Death from Mesothelioma Cancer

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Mesothelioma lawyer ( Robert I. Komitor of Levy Konigsberg LLP talks about Steve McQueen’s death from mesothelioma cancer, which he developed from asbestos exposure when he worked at a shipyard as a young man – way before he became a famous actor.

Mesothelioma attorney Robert I. Komitor is a co-host of As a Matter of Law show, where he shares insightful information about mesothelioma and asbestos exposure.

Mesothelioma attorneys at Levy Konigsberg LLP provide free consultation to individuals suffering from mesothelioma or lung cancer resulting from asbestos exposure.

To receive a free mesothelioma consultation, please call our toll-free 24/7 hotline at 1-800-988-8005 or 1-212-605-6200.

While the law firm’s offices are located in New York and New Jersey, its lawyers have represented numerous mesothelioma clients across the United States.

This media presentation is an attorney advertisement brought to you by Levy Konigsberg LLP. Any information provided in this presentation should not be considered legal advice and does not take the place of consulting with an attorney. Levy Konigsberg LLP expressly denies that an attorney-client relationship is formed between Levy Konigsberg LLP and any and/or particular viewers and/or listeners of this media presentation, unless and until the parties have come to a written agreement regarding legal representation. Levy Konigsberg LLP is proud of its past achievements, but its prior success does not and cannot guarantee a similar outcome in the future.


  1. Diablorosa Diablorosa August 31, 2007

    white powder of one sort or another was to blame.

  2. fr277 fr277 March 27, 2008

    if you can see what you breathe it is asbestos with something else.there are two kinds of asbestos fibers.Only one is lethal.

  3. fr277 fr277 March 27, 2008

    and if one would disturb asbestos powder?nothing would happen because that would mean that this powder is billion of fibers tuck together,unable to fly in the air. To be lethal the fiber as to be alone. It looks like a hook.Its shape makes it impossible to be taken out. there are asbestos fibers in the air, from nature.the lethal limits where u get 100% chance to breathe one is: 5 fibers per liters of air.

  4. SIM754 SIM754 April 29, 2008

    At the same time asbestos fibres are being looked for possible lung cancers, it might be as well important to look at some radioactive elements being prisoned in those same asbestos fibres. Most of my researches have been done to find if very little radioactive sources could be inducing cancers after a certain time. Cigarette makers have refused to participate to my researches as well as Quebec nuclear plant ownners. I think I am working in the good direction and if it could be helping why not

  5. Ian Coopland Ian Coopland September 23, 2008

    There are 2 tyoes if fibres yes ,,Both can cuase terminal illness. The fibres are not hook shaped. The amphobole fibres whch are most dangerous are perfectly straight.

  6. Chris Romanelli Chris Romanelli December 6, 2008

    all asbestos can cause disease. Amphibole’s more dangerous but chrysotile kills too,

  7. displayfireworks1 displayfireworks1 December 10, 2008

    I heard Steve wore an asbestos type mask when he was a race driver. He used to wet it and wear it across his mouth on hot days. Poor guy, he was a mans man. I always loved his movies when I was a teenager.

  8. godadameve godadameve March 14, 2009

    ObamaRules4Ever: Get Obama’s dick out of your ass and out of your mouth for a few minutes so you can think straight Mutherfucker! Steve McQueen was a COOL actor and Humanitarian, what the fuck are you? Just an Obama ASS-KISSER? You fuckin’ MAGGOT.

  9. James Baldacchino James Baldacchino April 1, 2009

    he was never bisexual…
    he was a druggie…
    it never affected his career…
    yet you have the nerve to call him a loser?
    his movies are still loved and revered even 29 years after his dead…and so’s he

    who’s going to remember you apart from your family?

  10. freespeachrulez freespeachrulez April 2, 2009

    You dipshit, he didn’t die of aids, and wasn’t bisexual. BTW Obama sucks just incase you didn’t get the notice. But you know what? It is easy to put down others. Hiding behind a username that glorifies a man who can’t even figure out how to run this country. Yeah, your a real winner.

  11. James Baldacchino James Baldacchino April 2, 2009

    you dumb fuck he was never a bisexual and never did have sex with men

    and he died of asbestos exposure

  12. James Baldacchino James Baldacchino April 2, 2009

    he died of asbestos

    everyone in the world with half a brain cell knows that and every book on him says that (and every bio on him NEVER says that he was gay or bisexual).

    you’ve just proved that you’re a homophobic jealous little boy who just like to argue by using a keyboard. nice one

  13. James Baldacchino James Baldacchino April 3, 2009

    and you believe it?
    go back to ur little world rent boy
    anyway im sick of wasting my time so cya

  14. jo onti jo onti May 7, 2009

    His drinking and drugs affected his life, his macho mysoginstic mood swings wrecked his life & those around him. In the long run all you need is your family. You have swallowed Hollywood PR bullshit. Do not place to much emphasis on pop culture. Alot of these characters are pathetic narcisstic neurotic empty people who live shallow but indulgent hedonistic materialistic lives.

  15. jo onti jo onti June 16, 2009

    nor888: I have plenty of fun. How he lived his life or how you live yours is not BS. (always affects others) There are laws against spousal abuse, assault, DUI on and on. Reason laws exist is because people do care how others behave. Many who uverindulge in drugs, alcohol & sadistic behaviors are dead souls long before they die.

  16. sirtinycreep sirtinycreep November 21, 2009

    Steve looked about 90 when he died, so said his wife.

  17. nclusiau nclusiau December 12, 2009

    Get a life man.You don’t know what you’re talking about.

  18. ladyi7609 ladyi7609 January 15, 2012

    Interesting how Steve McQueen died the same exact way and for the same exact reason that the guy who played Principal Richard Vernon from 1985’s The Breakfast Club did. Like McQueen, the actor who played Vernon worked in shipyards as a young man before transitioning to acting. Then, some five or six years ago or so, he died of mesothelioma from all that early asbestos exposure. What an interesting coincidence.

  19. Adam S Adam S September 15, 2012


  20. All truths are soaked in blood All truths are soaked in blood December 15, 2012

    steve was exposed to asbestos when he was in the navy.His biographer describes steve ripping out the asbestos lining on parts of the ships engine.Apparently the air was so thick with asbestos particles,that you could not breathe. asbestos was also present im the racing cars he loved to drive.

  21. ADAMS AMANA ADAMS AMANA February 20, 2013

    whether Steve died of the said asbestos polluted air or not the fact remains that the fiber poses a serious threat to human health the government should do something about this fast.

  22. Robert Marz Robert Marz May 20, 2013

    You are right. Asbestos should be ban.

  23. Kelly Scott Kelly Scott September 28, 2013

    sadly my father died of the same form of cancer and it was from working in the lower decks that were covered in asbestos insulation on the pipes.. this exposure took my dad way too young.

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