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Mesothelioma Doctor Explains Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatment

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Mesothelioma Video from In this video a medical doctor explains types of mesothelioma. In the full DVD he explains mesothelioma stages, mesothelioma types, mesothelioma symptoms, and mesothelioma diagnosis. Most importantly mesothelioma treatments are discussed. This is the first mesothelioma video in a new series aimed at providing the most comprehensive information possible to patients and their families. Other videos in the series may contain information on how people receive financial compensation for medical bills, pain management techniques, hospitals – doctors, and helpful guides on what to do after diagnosis. We sincerely hope you learn something from our mesothelioma videos and thank you for watching.


  1. houston52 houston52 November 30, 2007

    Wow! I never really knew what might be wrong with me until someone told me to watch this video. Now I know and will be sure to request that DVD as well. Thank you for posting this!

  2. Kiran Narendran Kiran Narendran December 12, 2007

    Thank you very much for posting such an informative and useful video. I am waiting to see moerlike this.

  3. Ambily Remesh Ambily Remesh February 4, 2008

    A cure to mesothelioma is still unknown..What a pity !
    This is an outstanding video..explains the malignant disease in simple words. Thanks for the post

  4. SIM754 SIM754 April 29, 2008

    I suspect radioactivity to be as an agent that could be concentrating on some very tiny fibers. Did Steeve McQueen as John Wayne went turning films in deserts where Nuclear tests had been done ? I think that as many test that have been done on asbestos should be made on radioactivity that could have concentrated on fibers, on cigarette fibers. I recall a Los Alamos Doctor that made studies on cigarette growing and radioactive phosphates taken for faster growing of tobacco. Asbestos I dont know.

  5. MrMortgage1 MrMortgage1 October 2, 2009

    many people suffer mesothelioma from unwitting exposure to asbestos. how would you like to find out in 30 years that the keyboard you use contained chemicals that are now killing you – incurably!

    If you are suffering from this insidious disease you may be entitled to compensation to help with your treatment, or improve your quality of life.

    mesothelioma-lawsuits. info

    gives you info to help with this and start you on your path.

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