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Cancer Survivor Story – Bailey O’Brien Health Update – Stage 4 Melanoma

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Thank you for joining us for a very special cancer survivor story from Bailey O’Brien, one of the attendees at The Truth About Cancer LIVE in 2016, who was diagnosed with Stage 4 Melanoma.

Bailey was on a partial athletic scholarship but was having trouble adjusting to life away from home and the pressures of performing in her sport. During her first semester, she found a mole on her right temple and, upon further testing, she was diagnosed.

Just over a year later after publishing her original story (watch here: []), Bailey returns to give us an update! She’s now working as a cancer coach, and continuing to research what treatments work. Find out what she was surprised to hear… and a few options that she recommends based on her research and personal experience.

Check out more from Bailey on her blog here:

Watch Bailey’s original Cancer Survivor Story to find out how she was able to heal from Stage 4 melanoma:


At The Truth About Cancer LIVE 2016, our film team interviewed the experts who were presenting on-stage, as well as some of the people in attendance, including many brave cancer fighters and survivors. They all had incredible stories of healing to share.


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Sharing these stories brings hope to those who have been diagnosed with or are currently dealing with cancer.

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  1. Lina Keith Lina Keith October 19, 2018

    So glad that you hv been healed! Praise Yehovah!

    I hv no doubt that Abba is the One who intervenes in our behalf. That being said, I’m a little confused about your conclusions. Are you saying then not to discard chemo and radiation? Isn’t that the poison that those in the alternative camp propose?

  2. Seven Strong Beats stage 4 cancer naturally Seven Strong Beats stage 4 cancer naturally October 19, 2018

    God would never tell you to hurt your body. God bless you happy you are healed. It was not conventional treatment that saved you. It was God and your faith nothing else.

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